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Advance Directive
5:00pm - 7:00pm

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Advance Directive

Network of Care for Public Health



A free opportunity to complete your healthcare power of attorney and living will* Most of us hope we will always be independent, healthy and in control of our own lives. But a sudden accident or serious illness can take away that freedom. When that happens, our loved ones are asked to make medical choices for us. Take control of your future care by having an advance directive. Think About It. Talk About It. Write It Down. 1. Review and complete your North Carolina healthcare power of attorney and living will forms 2. Have your advance directive forms notarized free of charge 3. Learn what to do with your completed advance directive. You may drop in at any point during these workshop times. Most people spend about 45 minutes at a workshop. For more information, visit

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Concord Public Library
27 Union Street North
Concord, NC View Map

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Admission: Free

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